Yoga Classes in Dubai: What to Prepare

Are you heading off soon to your very first Dubai Yoga Classes and wondering if there are any things you need to prepare in order to have a very worth while class? Whether you are a beginner or a practicing student of yoga, these items are a must-have for your sessions at the yoga studio:

Yoga Mat

Though there are some studios that already have yoga mats readily available for students, it will always be better if you bring your own and use that instead of the ones in the studio. Why? First, you are certain that your mat is clean. Let’s face it, even if there are cleaners for the studio cleaning the equipment, you are never really sure whether they cleaned the yoga mat properly. And if you are the type that easily gets all squeamish about the idea of different people using one yoga mat and sweating all over it, then you really need to bring your own so you can comfortably do your yoga poses during class.

Water Container/Bottle

There are some gyms like Anassa that offer free drinks and have a water jug where you can refill your water. The question is if they have the glasses. So if you are going to yoga classes, make sure you bring your water container or bottle so you know that you can always drink water when you want to.

Extra Towels and Clothes for Changing

No matter what type of yoga you are doing, you will need to change your clothes because you are going to be sweating a lot. Good yoga studios will have shower areas available, but not all have that, so if you are in one near your area that does not have shower rooms, then you really need to bring towels to wipe your sweat and change clothing such as T-shirts and shorts and pants—even socks and underwear because you don’t want to be stuck in sweat after a class. It is unhealthy and unhygienic plus you don’t want to be smelling with body odor!

Aroma Therapy Oil or Candles

It is nicer to relax and get into your yoga poses with aroma therapy oil and candles burning in the background. However, before you bring some and start lighting up the whole studio with them, ask or confirm with your studio first if they can allow it and if your classmates in the yoga Abu Dhabi classes don’t mind. Be sure though that you are going to bring really nice smelling scents like eucalyptus, lemon, jasmine and the like.


Some yoga students also bring their own yoga music, snacks for after the yoga session, and maybe some reading materials while they are waiting for their classes to start. If you are not really sure what you need to bring, you can always ask your yoga instructor and observe other students and learn from them. Also, as you go along your classes, you will know if there are certain items that you need in the future.

Here’s more advice for yoga beginners: